Packaging and Dispensing

I.V. Stat, Inc. dispenses medications in 2 different types of unit-dose packaging for our customers.  The punch card (bingo card) packaging system is a sealed card for up to 31 doses of medication.  We use this system for both controlled and non-controlled medications as it provides an on-hand inventory at a glance.  The controlled medication is designated by a smaller version of the non-controlled card.  Multiple cards may be used to achieve a month supply of a single medication.  All cards have additional indicators for time of day to aid in medication administration or assistance.

 Most recently we added automated multi-dose dispensing, which provides multiple medications in a single pouch that are due to be taken at the same time.  This is the latest technology to aid in adherence for the independent and/or memory-compromised patient.  It also shaves valuable time off of a med-pass in a busy facility, or with those patients that have a heavy prescription profile! 

Medication Administration Records

I.V. Stat, Inc. offers our facilities a complete Medication Administration Record (MAR) package for each resident, both upon admission and each month.  This MAR package can include printed physician orders, treatment sheets and psychoactive monitoring sheets tailored to fit the individual needs of the facility.  Because the MAR is printed from the same system that we use to print medication labels, the result is an error-free MAR with the correct drug, strength and instructions as it appears on the drug label.

I.V. Stat, Inc. also has the capability to provide a paperless MAR, called e-MAR.  This cutting edge interface allows the facility to access pertinent pharmacy information, which streamlines administration and/or assistance documentation.  The eMAR can reduce transcription errors and end-of-month changes that often get overlooked.  This option can also shave valuable staff time off of a med-pass…couple this with our automated multi-dose dispensing option and BOOM!  You’ve got time for a coffee break (with your residents of course)!!

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On-Site Immunizations

I.V. Stat, Inc. comes to YOU for your Flu Shots.  This service is for any business with 25 or more employees, not just those we service year round.  Each October-December (and sometimes into the next year), we are pounding the pavement to vaccinate all those who wish to get the following shots (

  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Pneumococcal (Pneumonia)
  • Zostavax (Shingles)

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Infusion Therapy

I.V. Stat, Inc. is a 797 compliant pharmacy that provides a full array of IV hydration and antibiotics, as well as the supplies needed to infuse them.  Our pharmacists have expertise in infusion therapy along with the capability of dosing and monitoring nephrotoxic drugs, such as Vancomycin, Tobramycin and Gentamicin.  We can help the physicians maintain therapeutic blood levels, therefore maximizing patient outcomes.